Let us help you make your wedding dreams become a reality. The Wedding Connection & Bridesplanner.com Welcome You to Our Website! The Wedding Connection & Bridesplanner.com Welcome You to Our Website!
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"A"s your wedding coordinator, we will save you time, money, and stress. We will consult as a professional who acts with an impartial opinion when needed, a banker to keep you inside your budget, and a confidant as required. We will seek to work with everyone involved to  assist in bringing your vision to life.
"I" n the initial meeting, we will discuss your budget, the number of guests, the style or theme of your wedding and the date. We will then formulate a picture of what you're planning to do and begin the process of recommending which suppliers would best suit your needs based on your taste, theme, budget, and many other factors. We will supply many ideas and recommendations. Please understand you are under no obligation to use any of the additional services The Wedding Connection offers.

"W" e will be with you from beginning of your journey to end. This includes both your rehearsal and wedding day to ensure all the plans are carried out to your satisfaction. This will also allow us to answer all questions that otherwise might detract from your enjoyment with your families. This service will enable you to relax, knowing that all the final details are being taken care of on your behalf.

"T"he expertise, experience, creativity, and personal service offered will make your wedding day an extraordinary event.


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We service all Western New York areas.
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